Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Wedding: part three

This post is all about paper. I have a great love for paper & stationary. So, for our wedding, I thought it would be fun to create my own invitation suite (plus, most of the ones I was in love with were way out of my price range). I'm so glad I did though, because I feel like it really adds a personal touch.

On the left is our save the date (with a card about accommodations), and on the right, our wedding invitation & inserts. All the envelope calligraphy was done by Helen Byrd.

Here is a peek at what's printed on the back of the invitation.

For the welcome bags we gave to all our Hawaii guests, I tried to add a few more personal touches. I used photos that I've taken on past Hawaii trips to create postcards that our guests could send home, and I also made maps of Oahu for everyone that included spots we would visit during our stay. And here, Greg is sporting the sunglasses that were part of the welcome bags too. 


Becky Pawelek said...

You are SO talented!!

Emily Greer said...

Ok, this is amazing. I've been thinking of doing my own invites also! I might be messaging you in the future on where you got all the supplies! You're awesome!

Lauren Johnson said...

I love seeing it all next to each other. These look better than most professional ones. And, I have my postcards all over my house, what awesome memories :)

Kate said...

Thanks so much y'all! It really means so much to me. (and Emily- I'd be happy to give you any tips)

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