Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Wedding: part one

Now begins the week-long documentation of the week that Greg & I spent in Hawaii to tie the knot (If this doesn't interest you, I'm warning you, get out now. It's going to be long).

The entire week leading up to our wedding was such a blast. We spent the first couple days before guests arrived trying to get everything in order for the wedding, stopping by some of our favorite local spots in between it all.

Then all of our friends and family started to arrive.

Headed to the Luau on the party bus

...followed by BYOB, private room Karaoke... the best.

Stay tuned for more :)


Lauren Johnson said...

Oh I'm SO tuned in.... bring it!

I kinda wish these were on FB I want to comment on every single one!

I LOVE LOVE the group shots, so incredible.

And, that one were we're all peacefully karaoking and Cate is the only one throwing up gang signs at the singers. CATE!?!!!

aimee marie said...

love this so much

donna baker said...

So much fun to look at!! I think you all had way too much fun! I can't believe that was a year ago..wow

loves peace said...

ahhhahhha that karaoke night was one of my favorite nights ever, i'm just feelin it ya know. and yess kate please keep them coming i want to re-live every moment.

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