Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Keystone State (whatever that means)

This summer, Greg and I went to visit my Grandma and Dave in Pennsylvania. Even though Greg and I have been together for so long, they had still never met each other. Well, we fixed that and also enjoyed the company of my parents and niece (who's birthday we got to celebrate while there). I just love all the picturesque countryside and barn silos up there, and the 75 degree weather was a much needed break from the 100 degree weather we left back in Texas at the end of July.


Kara said...

This is so fun; We were so close and I didn't even know it! What part of PA were you in?? I love all the photos and I definitely need to remember your positive perspective on PA somedays :)

Anonymous said...

loved all of these kate! we used to have a cat named fetzer.

loves peace said...

did you take the pics of the kitties with me in mind?? you should of brought some of them back :)

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