Friday, September 30, 2011

what cate + josh made

Cate is one of my very best friends, and on Tuesday, she became a mama. I have always known that Cate is an amazing woman, but watching her go through this naturally with such grace and strength was incredible. She was a champ, truly! I'm so thankful that Lauren Kimmel and I got to drive down for all of this. So here are some photos of the day that Ellis Avory Button came into this world... late (just like her mom already, haha).

In the waiting room with Elliot, waiting to meet his new cousin. 

Ellis has arrived and this is Grandma running to meet her. 

Day two visiting the hospital and bonding with sweet Ellis. 


kristen elise said...

stunning!!! looks like you found a good camera to use :)

loves peace said...

im crying and i haven't really even cried that much about the whole birth which i know is weird. kate your incredible love you so much.

helen byrd said...

i cried. these are beautiful.

Susan said...

Awesome pictures! :) It was great seeing you again, Kate.

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