Monday, October 4, 2010

houston weekend

this weekend included:

1 drive to houston with gregory
1 rehearsal dinner
zero humidity (very uncharacteristic houston weather)
2 weddings (Kim and Jay-photos to come, and Kenny and Stephanie)
lots of long lost high school friends
1 antique store
zero nightstands (the hunt continues)
2 birthdays (g-ma and Julie!)
1 lovely wedding shower
a brief and much anticipated reunion with Shallan
1 dinner with newlyweds
and a very late drive back to dallas (with 2 redbulls, some serenading, and A LOT of m&m's)

I did come away from Bob and Yolanda's (Stardust Antiques) with some fun photos though, despite the still empty spot next to my bed.

And this is the lovely couple we got to have dinner with on Sunday night before we left town. They just got married 2 weeks ago, (and it is really the pits that they just moved to Houston after I left), but here are a couple photos I took at their Austin wedding. It was great getting to catch up with them!


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