Tuesday, September 28, 2010

weekend wars

With our wedding less than 6 months away, planning is in full swing, and I am so pumped about the vendors I have been talking to. Talented + funny people win in my book.

So with almost every weekend between now and December spoken for, Gregory and I took advantage of this rare empty one to take care of our registries. Luckily for us, registering equaled mimosas, lots of couch sitting, paninis and even a little bit of dancing to the crate and barrel house music (I can never help myself). And Greg and I were shockingly laid back about what we wanted. (Except at Bed Bath and Beyond, where I had to nearly shake the gender-biased-comment-making woman to make her understand that I was not registering for crystal, and that "no, I will not regret it").

But registering looked a little like this for the most part

I love that couch by the way. And we definitely still needed a nap when we were done. 

The rest of the weekend included drinks with good friends in Denton (where bars are very chill and filled with smoke and fedoras) and where I also cleverly tried to bring the bare essentials in my clutch, and left behind the key to my gas cap. So at 2:00 am Gregory and I were 40 minutes away from home with the gas light on, and no way to put gas in my truck. With his bare hands, my sweet finace literally ripped it out. There were plastic shards...and blood. But we didn't have to sleep at the gas station, so I'd say all ended well. 

And the weekend ended with a Dave Barnes concert with great new friends. (I haven't listened to Dave in years, but I forgot how funny and entertaining he is, especially when Greg is pumping me full of vodka doubles).  

Oh, and today I logged onto to Pottery Barn, only to discover that they didn't upload our registry correctly, and we have to start all over. womp womp


loves peace said...

kate i can't believe you saw dave too. why am i not there to see live music with you :(

shallan said...

so fun!!! especially the mimosas :)

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