Tuesday, January 15, 2013

blog shop

A couple weekends ago, I attended Blogshop in Austin. Hosted & taught by the crazy-talented Bri Emery & Angela Koehler, Blogshop is a two-day Photoshop intensive workshop geared towards bloggers. On top of being super informative, it is definitely the prettiest workshop I have ever seen. I learned a few new tricks, and more importantly I learned how to do some old tricks about a hundred times faster than I was doing them. Faster workflow = more time taking photos & living life, and I'm totally on board with that.

One of my favorite parts of the class was being surrounded by the roughly 25 amazingly creative & talented women that made up the class. Talk about motivation! What an awesome, inspiration-filled weekend. I can't wait to start working on a little re-branding around here. For now, here are my photos from the workshop.

I also learned how to do this...

Venue: Vuka Co-op
Flowers: Byrd Collective
Totes: Magpie Fields
Photo backdrop: The High Five Factory
Decor: Grown up Shoes
Garland: Le Petite Fest
Desserts: Bake Sale Austin
Animated gif photos by Angela Koehler


loves peace said...

love, love it kate. that place looked incredible. so wish i could of been there with you :)

Lauren J. said...

YESSSS!!!! you know i love a good gif!

that's all I was waiting for.

Looks like so. much. fun.

Casey Pawelek said...

really cool! Glad you got to go!

Lindsay said...

every.time. I see that girl in the glasses (in the photo with computers and a work room type setting), I think it's Jami and go whaaaaa..

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