Monday, May 14, 2012

just one of the girls

About a week ago, Cate & Ellis came to Dallas for a couple days. Julie was in town from Nashville too. Joy ensued. I didn't take many photos during their visit, but here is one afternoon we spent down in the Bishop Arts District.

so this is where Ellis gets it

trying to see what Ellis looks like with long hair
the only photo I have of Lauren...
...that doesn't look like this
miss y'all already!


Lauren Johnson said...

aw. man. these are so preciously sweet.

Ellis with her long hair - some of my favs!!

and, I apologize for my photos, I just haven't been in front of your lens in a while I guess.

loves peace said...

hahaha the one of me doing ellis' happy pose is hilarious!!! love them and we miss you too!!

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