Monday, November 15, 2010

to happy weekends

this weekend included...

torchy's tacos (thank you lindsay howarth for the introduction)
addressing save-the-dates for our houston reception (greg did more than me! he is a very helpful fiance)
drinks and good times with caroline and evan
skee-ball, mrs. pac man and dig dug at barcadia
phone date with cate...who i get to see in less than a week!
rusty taco (our first time...delicious)
season 2 of arrested development
booking our honeymoon!
wishing i was at the quidditch world cup in NY
homemade fajitas
too much cookie dough

...and all of it with my sweet gregory


Lindsay said...

omg I have been rewatching season 2 of AD! just for kicks. I die every time gene parmesan pops out and lucille squeals. and all the shenanigans with lindsay and tobias' open marriage

ps too much cookie dough? never.

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