Wednesday, October 13, 2010

daydream believer

Sometimes I daydream about a time when Gregory and I get our weekends back. (Now let me qualify this by saying that I LOVE celebrating the marriages of all my friends and getting to frolic all over Texas to visit people) But sometimes I just want to have nothing to do. I want to be able to call up people that I love, to meet us for lunch and eat at all my favorite spots and try new ones, and I want to get to enjoy all the local festivities, live music and seasonal goodness (afterall, October has always been my favorite).

Well, after what feels like years... we finally had one of those weekends!

friday afternoon in Fort Worth looked like this...

that's right, Sweet Sammie's let's you pick out your cookie and ice cream flavor and then smashes them together. Oh and we saw this movie, which I had never heard of, but loved. 

and friday night in downtown fort worth looked like this...

ok, it didn't actually look like this, thanks a lot iphone. it actually looked like a kick-a live band on a huge outdoor patio with party lights, perfect weather and great friends. but this will do. 

and the rest of the weekend included the FAIR!, lunch with my favorite twins, the dallas arboretum, and dinner, ice cream and church with lauren and blake! so fun, photos of all to come! 

and I have 2 photo shoots this week and a wedding with Helen this weekend! so be looking forward to that. 


aimee marie said...

fun weekend!! <3

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