Thursday, October 21, 2010

deep fried south

more photos from Texas' fried food capitol, the State Fair

Greg and I had fried bacon (finally!), fried margaritas, fried smores, and of course the classics, funnel cake and fletcher's corny dogs. Though trust me, it was our wallets and not our restraint from indulgence that stopped us from continuing with the fried madness. I'll see you next year fried butter.
Oh and that's our poor little piglet we were rooting for, number 2, who jumped too early and is face-planting into the hurdle. :(

and this... is fried bacon
but it seemed impossible to eat the fried margarita without making this face, on the right (that other one is innocent greg who didn't know what he was getting himself into, fried bread crumbs soaked in tequila).
and that last one is the fried smores, mmm


loves peace said...

texas in all its glory. wish i was there too. next year josh and i will have to join y'all!!!

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