Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love birds: lauren + blake

Lauren was my first friend...ever. I met her when I was four. We went to school together all our lives, and then even lived together in college. She was the best study partner in college too, and by best I mean, we would be the ones trying to contain our laughter in the quiet room or staying up all night because we'd been goofing off for the last 4 hours and hadn't learned a thing for our test the next day (and it's true that now I remember all the laughter, and don't care about the bombed tests). Well, now Lauren has found Blake. They dated a bit at the beginning of college, and after a few years apart they found each other post-college in Dallas again, how sweet. And now they are getting married! How crazy to think that after all these years, we are engaged at the same time, and getting married a few months  apart! I love them both so much, and am so touched that they asked me to take their photos. 


helen byrd said...

awesome, kate. i LOVE these photos. so warm & loving.

Sinae said...

:) they're beautiful together and Kate, you did a fabulous job!

em said...

these are awesome! i love your work :)

shallan marie said...

sooooooooooo great. so great.

i want to do it again :)

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