Tuesday, August 10, 2010

button mania: the wedding part 2

Well, this marks the final post of button mania. I had so much fun getting to be such a huge part of Cate and Josh's day and everything leading up to it. Recently I got to visit them in their new home, Branson, Missouri (where there is killer karaoke I might add), and it thrilled me to see how happy they are in their new home. As a photographer, I get to see couples on some of their happiest days, and it was just so much fun to see the same exact love from the wedding spilling over into Cate and Josh's whole life. Cate, you are one of the most self-less, loving, and loyal people that I know. Thank you for loving me so much and always having my back. I love you more than cookies and felicity.

And now, a few words from the bride on some of her favorite things about the day...

Favorite memory from the wedding:
-(this is hard because i have a lot) but my overall favorite memory is when i just stepped back for a minute and i wasn't talking to anyone, and i was just looking at how beautiful everything turned out- every little detail, every flower, all the lights- and then i just watched everyone- my friends and family going crazy on the dance floor; including my two newphews, and everyone else just sitting at the tables talking, and my heart was overwhelmed happiness. i'll remember that moment forever. and also when my mom walked down the aisle in red crocks. classic glenda. i love it!

Favorite wedding details:
i had this vision of what i wanted everything to look like. i really desired for all the details of my wedding to represent me, that was just really important to me. so i took a lot of time into thinking about the details. i found handkerchiefs, vases, and little bottles from antique and thrift stores. i wanted it to look very natural and initimate. i also wanted lights everywhere. i love that the reception room was dim and the party lights lit up the room. everything just blew me away. my mom and a lot of other wonderful ladies helped to create it.
Cate and her dad choreographed a routine for their first dance together. It was awesome.
And this is my dad (who took all the ceremony photos and photos of me dancing). He is really good at leaps and heel clicks.
Advice from Cate:
have fun with your wedding, especially the creative details. one of the coolest things that someone said at my wedding was that this was the best wedding they had ever been too. they loved how intimate and personal it felt. that meant so much to me. let your wedding be a time where your friends and family get to know you and your soon-to-be husband even more. express yourself in everything and who cares what others think.

Thanks for sharing Cate!


loves peace said...

kate you are beyond talented. thank you for helping make my day even more beautiful. i love you more than chips and salsa.

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