Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Button Mania: Bridal luncheon

This precious lunch was hosted by Cate's total hippie Aunt Betty at Dry Creek Cafe in Houston
(Austin-y feel + BYOB, yes please!)

Aunt Betty had tons of old buttons sprinkled all over the table. She's been collecting them for years, and she let us all take some. I got one with a dinosaur on it. It rocks. And how perfect is this one for Cate (soon to be Button)? (especially on her kick-a denim jacket)

These are the bride's maids gifts Cate gave us. She made the bags herself and gave us the cutest jewelry bags from china and stationary she made herself too (she should have her own etsy shop by now).


loves peace said...

this make my heart happy. you make my world happy kate.

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