Friday, March 12, 2010

torn will never be the same

About 2 weeks ago, I turned 24. Our initial plans for a bday shindig quickly fell apart, that's the price you pay for having really cool friends who are in demand, leaving Gregory and I with nothing to do. I half-seriously suggested that we visit sweet Lensy in New York, and Gregory whole-seriously said yes!  So two weeks before my birthday, we bought tickets and stayed with Linds. birthday win!

waiting to meet nurse lindsay

these are the fabulous birthday hamburger cupcakes linds made me!! (i'm just sad i didn't get to eat more)

Gregory and I off to my bday dinner and dessert

So many cute kids sledding in central park. That one on the left is catching air!
oh you know, just flying around FAO Schwarz..
3D wii, Greg was way too good at shakin that thing

China Wine!! (free box wine included, d-bag party table behind us and new bffs at neighboring table, also included)

Let the BYOB karaoke commence...

And this is why "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia will never be the same... Greg lying naked on the floor.

Serendipity... a must

And one last look at the snow outside Lindsay's window.

Snow, booze, good food, better friends, butter chunks reunion, cheap wine, and karaoke. What a great trip.


Lindsay said...

there aren't enough words for how much I love this

lauren casey said...

love em love em love em

so fun!!

Hopey said...

this is awesome! why is greg on the ground? (love it)

Kate said...


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