Monday, February 15, 2010

love birds: shallan + christian

I had the pleasure of living with Shallan for a brief but wonderful semester in college, in a legendary house with columns, two kitchens and two fried chicken joints. The birthday of hers that was celebrated in the house, still marks one of the best games of don't touch the lava ever played. Thus, my lifetime of friendship with Shallan began. So Chris, get excited about living with this incredible lady. Shallan and Chris met about 8 month ago, and after a mere 3 minute conversation with Shal, Chris broke up with his girlfriend, and asked Shallan out later that week. They were engaged 4 months later, and after a 4 month engagement, they are getting married this weekend, and I can't wait! Here are their engagement photos that I had so much fun taking.

Gosh, I'm really bad at choosing favorites. 

I love you both so much, and I can't wait to hang out with ya'll in Houston!


lauren casey said...

aahahahhaha!!! i looove these.. kate they are beautiful and such amazing pictures!

I actually just teared up at the sweetness in these!

Hopey said...

Oh Shal, you look beautiful! Perfect Kate, just perfect.

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